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Frequently Asked Questions

Collins Debden and FranklinCovey partnership

The invoice or statement I received is from Collins Debden, is this correct?

Yes it is, FranklinCovey Products entered in to a distribution agreement with Collins Debden in March 2009.

How does that affect me as a customer?

In general, it won't. The only changes you will notice is that your invoices and statements will be from Collins Debden and Collins Debden will appear on your credit card statement. FranklinCovey Products still operates as a customer service centre and still aims to offer superior customer service.

IMPORTANT: If you make your payment into a bank account - please be sure you are paying it into the Collins Debden bank account. Please call on 1800 815 647 (from Aust), 0508 509 222 (from NZ) further details as cannot post bank account details on a public website.

How do I contact FranklinCovey Products?

By phone: in exactly the same way you did previously on 1800 815 647 (from Aust), 0508 509 222 (from NZ).

By fax: on 07 3257 7300 (from Aust), 0508 509 333 (from NZ).


Can I order through Collins Debden office?

No, you cannot. FranklinCovey products are specialist products and are looked after by the FranklinCovey customer service team who have been trained in the product and how best to assist FranklinCovey customers. This team now works under the umbrella of Collins Debden and not of FranklinCovey as it did previously. They are still contactable on 1800 815 647 (from Aust), 0508 509 222 (from NZ). E-mail is

Product Information

Planner Refill Sizes

I need to order my refill. How do I know which size I have?
To determine which size you have, please view the bottom corner of your current planner pages. Generally, the last word indicates the size It should say either Pocket (PO), Compact (CO), Classic (CL) or Monarch (MO).
What are the page measurements for Pocket, Compact, Classic and Monarch refill sizes?
The page size measurements for each of the planner sizes are as follows,
  • Pocket : 152 x 89mm
  • Compact: 108 x 172mm
  • Classic: 140 x 216mm
  • Monarch: 216 x 280mm
Note: please note, this is the page size and not the binder size.

Planner Refill Styles

How do I know which refill style I have?
To determine which style you have, please view the bottom outer corner of your current planner pages. For 'Original' Design Refills it will say either 'A/NZ' or 'ORIG'. For Cornerstone Design Refills it will say ' Cornerstone ' for Daily Refills or ' Cornerstone Weekly' for Weekly Refills. For 'Gallery' designs such as Leadership, Simplicity, Passport, etc - this will be quoted. Should you require further assistance in determining or choosing your planner style, please contact one of our friendly Product Consultants on 1800 815 647 (from Aust), 0508 509 222 (from NZ) or e-mail

The Franklin Planner

I have heard about your Franklin Planners, what do you recommend?
As a first time user, we highly recommend our 'Complete Planner Kits'. They contain everything you need to get started and are great value. It's a good idea to decide on the size of planner you require first before choosing a planner kit. Please go to 'Planner Refill Sizes' category to read about our different sizes. Alternatively, please call us so we can assist in best catering for your needs.
What is unique about your planners compared to your competitors?
The Franklin Planner is unique for a number of reasons. Other than common diary features such as the appointment schedule, prioritised daily task list, daily record of events and monthly calendars, our planner allows you to set goals, develop your own mission statement, conduct financial planning along with various tools to keep you focussed and organised. Our most unique planner tool is the weekly compass card which is not available anywhere else. The weekly compass card is designed for you to set weekly goals specific to your personal and professional roles. This card displaying your goals is placed in your clear page finder to keep you focussed for the week and will remind you to achieve these goals. You receive a pack of 26 with your planner kit. Extra packs can be purchased separately. Generally, our paper quality is better than our competitors are.
I want to purchase a Franklin Planner but would like to know how to use it effectively in order to benefit from it. Can you help me with this?
FranklinCovey regularly conduct the 'Focus' 1 Day Time Management workshop both in Australia and New Zealand. Focus will help you clarify, focus on and execute your highest priorities both personally and professionally. As part of the course materials, you receive a complete Franklin Planner System. The facilitator will teach you productivity skills integrated with this powerful planner system, offering you tools and tips to utilise it effectively. Please contact one a FranklinCovey Training Consultants on 1800 786 346 (from Aust), 0508 509 444 (from NZ) for further information.

Methods for Ordering & Payment

How do I go about ordering your products?

There are a number of ways you can order your FranklinCovey products. You can contact one of our Product Consultants by calling FREECALL on 1800 815 647 (from Aust), 0508 509 222. Furthermore, you are welcome to fax an order to on + 617 3257 7300 (from Aust) or NZ 0508 509 333 (from NZ)., or send an order via e-mail. (Please include a contact telephone number so we can call back to arrange your payment) Obviously, you can order online through this website. Accepted credit cards are MasterCard, Visa and American Express. For other payment methods, including direct debit, please call us on than above numbers, or see below.

What are the payment options?

Individual Orders:
A majority of our clients choose to order over the phone or via our online store providing their credit card details. This allows us to despatch your goods straight away. Alternative payment methods are by posting us a cheque or money order, or making a direct deposit into our Bank Account. (Please note, it is always best to confirm our bank about details before you deposit a payment as Collins Debden cannot be held responsible for any deposited to the wrong bank account. Please note; payment must be received first before we despatch your goods,
Corporate customers:
Should your organisation have an account with us, you can be invoiced on 30-day terms as long as a faxed purchase order is provided beforehand (raised to Collins Debden Pty Ltd). To submit a corporate order, please call Product Sales: on 1800 815 647 (from Aust), 0508 509 222 (from NZ).. Purchase orders must be made out to Collins Debden Pty Ltd and must contain a reference number. Note: Appropriate documentation is required before we despatch your order
How does my company go about becoming a corporate customer to purchase FranklinCovey products?
This is available to companies only. Please contact one of our Product Consultants to request a Credit Application Form to be faxed through. Conditions apply. Please note: corporate customers choosing to order via PO and wishing to pay upon invoice are not eligible for any specials. or promotions.

Will I receive an invoice/receipt with my goods?

Yes, you will. This invoice will be a Collins Debden invoice but will relate to your FranklinCovey products. For any accounts inquires or invoice duplicate invoices, please continue to call the FranklinCovey customer service team on 1800 815 647 (from Aust), 0508 509 222 (from NZ).

Where do I send cheques to?

Payment needs to be mailed to:
Collins Debden Pty Ltd
PO Box 3571
Parramatta NSW 2124

Please include details to which your payment refers. This address applies for both Australian and New Zealand clients. Should you wish to make a deposit into our bank account, please call us for our bank details as you need to deposit into Collins Debden's bank account.

Note: New Zealand clients are to raise cheques or make deposits in Australian dollars as we no longer have a New Zealand Account set up. You are also welcome to pay with credit card, please call us to provide your details.

Returning Goods

What are your conditions for returning goods?

Returns Policy

FranklinCovey Products are committed to providing excellence in customer service and customer satisfaction. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee provides you with a full refund, credit or exchange (at our discretion) when you return your purchase within 30 days when customers merchandise falls into one of the following categories: (a) faulty craftsmanship or; (b) goods are damaged on arrival (c) or if you are not satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason.

Products ordered incorrectly can be returned provided it is in "as new" condition for exchange only. As long as you don't use it and send it straight back, you are certainly entitled to an exchange. We have a "no refund policy" for purchases ordered incorrectly. It is imperative that you carefully review your order prior to submitting it. It is up to you as the customer to make sure you are ordering the correct size. Please see Planner Refill Sizes to find out how to determine the size of you refill.

How do I organise a return?

Please call us on AUS 1800 815 647 or NZ 0508 509 222 or e-mail us on to discuss your returning your item(s) and/or ordering replacement/additional items. Credits are not raised until we have received the goods in question. Replacement or exchange products will not be released from our warehouse until the product originally ordered has been returned. Please do not discard any of the merchandise or packaging materials and send them bank with your returned items as we may need these items for further investigation.


Are the prices of your products GST inclusive?

Yes - all prices in our catalogue include GST (for Australian customers only).

I live in New Zealand and want to place an order.

We service customers in Australia and NZ. Our freight charges include shipping to NZ. Our goods are warehoused in Australia and our pricing is in Australian dollars. Your receipt/will be mailed with the goods.

Postage & Handling Charges / Delivery Time

Do you charge for postage and handling?

Yes we do. We are mail order business and we use the most reliable courier services to ensure your goods are delivered safely and promptly. Small / light items and some other orders are sometimes sent by normal post. We try to ensure the charges are as reasonable as possible. Australia & New Zealand freight costs are calculated on the amount spent, for $1.00 - $15.00 spend = $5.00 freight/ $15.01 - $50.00 spend = $9.90 freight/ $50.01 - $200.00 spend = freight $11.90/ $200.01 - $400.00 spend = freight $16.90/ $400.01 - $600.00 spend = freight $24.90/ $600.01 + cost to be quoted

Note: the charge not only includes the cost of freight/postage, but the handling of the goods such as picking and packing and the use of packaging.

The charge for postage and handling can vary, so if you are unsure on what you will be charged, please contact us and we will gladly provide you a quotation.

How long will it take for my goods to be delivered?

Australia (3-5 working days from the time of purchase).

New Zealand (7-10 working days from the time of purchase).

Note: Should there be any back orders, delivery time may take longer and you will be advised of approximate due date at the time of ordering or short thereafter.

Do you have any retail outlets within Australia or New Zealand?

No. We are a mail order business. If you wish to view our products, we can mail you a current catalogue which outlines our product range and prices. Alternatively, you can view our on-line catalogue through this website. Go to 'Shopping'. Should you require assistance over the phone with further information on our products, please don't hesitate to contact one of our friendly Product Consultants.

Phone: on 1800 815 647 (from Aust), 0508 509 222 (from NZ).


Technical Support

Where do I go for technical support for FranklinCovey software?

Live Chat:
Go to
Click on Contact support, and then click on live chat. Live chat is available from midnight to 11am (Australian Eastern Standard time). You will receive a response within 24 business hours.

e-mail This is available 24 hours a day during US Mountain Standard Time business days which equates to Monday afternoon to Saturday morning Australian time.

Phone support:
Call 0011 1 800.418.1492
This is available from midnight to 11am (Australian time)
Although it says on the US FranklinCovey website, that there is a charge, first time users wanting assistance with set up will not be charged. If a customer calls on multiple occasions regarding the same issue, there may be a charge. Callers will be advised if they will be charged before proceeding.

U.S. Products

I have seen the Franklin Covey U.S. website and I am interested in some of their products which your country does not advertise. Can I order these?

Yes. The goods news is, we can now order products in from the U.S. for you. Given their extensive range, we realise certain products may interest you which we don't stock here. Note; there are restrictions on certain products which can be ordered. If you are interested in a U.S. product, please take down the product code and U.S. retail price and then contact us for a quote and expected delivery time . For your information, you are unable to order through their website unless you live in the U.S. or can provide a U.S. delivery address.

Are the special offers on the U.S. website valid in Australia or New Zealand?

No. The 'special offers' only apply if you live in the U.S. We can order most products that are advertised on special, but we will convert against the original retail price and not the special price. Should you have any queries about this, please contact us.

Phone: (AUS) 1800 815 647 or (NZ) 0508 509 222


Other Queries

I have a query but I can't find the answer here

Our goal, as always, is to help our customers. If you have any queries, please contact us on 1800 815 647 (from Aust), 0508 509 222 (from NZ) or e-mail: Our aim is to keep our loyal customers happy.

View the "Frequently Asked Questions" for the U.S. website