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Online Security
You can feel confident that your financial information will be safe and confidential while you do business with and

Five Reasons why ordering from and is Safe:

  1. We Use State of the Art Security Technology. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software we use is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure online eCommerce transactions. This software uses 128-bit encryption to protect all of your personal information, including credit card number, name and address, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. Please make sure that Secure Mode is enabled on your browser. You will be able to tell if the transaction is secure by checking the security in your browser while in the page you are concerned with.

    If you have an older version internet browser which does not support secure transactions or your computer is located on a local area network behind a firewall, you may want to select one of our off-line order options (phone, fax, or mail) to place your order. Or you may be able to have your network system administrator configure the firewall for secure transactions.

  2. We Protect Your Personal Information. and do not, and will not ever sell your name to other online retailers.

  3. The Internet is Safe. When you compare the Internet to other retail channels (Like mail order companies or even the local mall) your financial information is extremely safe. It is easier for a thief to steal your credit card information from a carbon copy of a receipt or by tapping your telephone line than it would be for a thief to intercept a on-line transaction with or

    We suggest you make it a habit to monitor and verify your credit transactions on your credit card statement. That way there will never be a question about your transactions on or If for any reason you need to speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives about your statement, give us a call at (AUS) 1800 815 647 or (NZ) 0508 509 222.

  4. On-line Shoppers are Protected by the Same Laws as other shoppers. We know it's common sense, and although the chances are unlikely that your credit card information would be compromised over the Internet, it's nice to know that you are still protected by the same law which protects any of your credit card purchases, no matter where they are made.

  5. Your 100% satisfaction is important to us. We value your business, so we would never share your personal information with anyone or have you bothered or inconvenienced by anyone. In fact, we won't even e-mail you (except for purchase confirmations), unless we have your permission, first.